WHY Have People Joined Our Lotto Magic Team, Read On To Find Out...
This is not just a Lotto Magic team member testimonials page, it also includes the many reasons team members have joined our team and then have stayed for years. Additional Lotto Magic testimonials, reviews and ratings etc. can also be found at the Lotto Magic team site and also at the Florida Lotto Magic corporate site.
What we did here was document (in a fun way) what current team members have told us over the years about why they joined Lotto Magic to start with, why they've remained on the team and not dropped out, or what they've experienced along the way. The member stories are real, however the member images I created for you... with my most impressive artist skills of course.
While reading the member stories, remember the question that was asked "Why did you join Lotto Magic?"
Click on any of the team member images below to visit a current team member's Lotto Magic web site - have fun & enjoy!


I joined this lotto pool because my state didn't have a state sponsored official lottery
I like this particular lotto pool because the company has been around for a very long time
I wanted to increase my current income so this lottery pool was the best MLM choice for me
I like the free lottery pool advertising and marketing system and this lotto team had it all so here I am
I wanted to be involved in the lottery but our state (Utah) does NOT have a lottery!
Tired of getting dumped on by online MLM and home biz companies.
As an additional income stream. I have a regular Job but I wanted to make & save more money!
I'll try anything at least once. I'm in it for the income.

In my particular state they don't sell lottery tickets but I believe in and have played in the lottery when I lived in other states that had a lottery. We don't even have Powerball or Mega Millions here. Short of me crossing state lines (27 miles away) to buy a lottery ticket which I've done and have hated, the next best thing for me was a lotto pool. I found the lotto team site and joined and it's been easy enough for me ever since. I'm a "Player" so I'm not involved in the business/MLM part but I have nothing against it. I joined for the lotto ticket pool.

I'm no newbie but not a hard core network marketer either. I've spent thousands promoting companies that were there for me during launch and company growth, then when the chips were down they took the money, closed their doors and left me stranded. The sites I built didn't matter, dead links everywhere and nothing to show for it except thousands of hours of time I can't ever get back. I joined Lotto Magic because I read where they've been around since 1996 and I wanted a company that won't waste my time after a few years with them.

Yea, have a good job and a secure retirement, big deal. For me it's about creating an additional income stream from something I believe in and can get other people interested in. And this without me having to hit up my family and friends. I've only been on the team for a few months so maybe my opinion doesn't count yet but it should. I like the simplicity of lottery tickets and everyone already knows about them so for me it's easier when all I need to do is tell them about the system. The product part they already get so yea I like that.

Jumping from program to program all my life, looking for that million dollar program. Lotto Magic caught my eye because of the free team advertising and marketing. For the most part I've marketed on my own and spent my own money. Not bad for me since in the past I could build a team and then move on to something brand new. With Lotto Magic I stayed because of the 50% payout for personally sponsored people (I was break even with 2 people) which was easy enough for me, plus I can build wide if I want, so I like the flexibility.

As a retired boat captain I searched for and finally found a real lottery ticket pool, especially for the powerball and mega millions lotteries
For me it was about a lotto pool and home business combined that sold me, so I joined this lotto team
I used to office pool tickets with co-workers, with Lotto Magic I can pool tickets plus earn a little extra money on the side too
As a housewife I like playing the lottery and have always bought lottery tickets, this team pool is part-time for me which I like
To supplement my retirement income, nothing huge just something extra.
I wanted To work with a company that didn't sell me out for their gain.
Lost out with the fast cash programs, wanted a winner.
I wanted to earn an extra income for my family with the extra time I had.

After retirement it wasn't boredom, there's plenty for me to do here. It was about making a little money from my own home business so I could save a little more that's all. I make my own hours, work when I can or feel like it posting to my Facebook and other social sites. I have not approached my friends although they have approached me and asked about Lotto Magic. My first 3 members were friends, 1 as a Player and 2 as Captains like me. As long as I'm making a profit I'm happy. I've been with this team for just over 4 years now.

I've been a network marketer most of my life. It started with Amway then expanded to other products over the years, some good some embarrassing. My last company was a juice company which was OK until they started selling it retail which wiped out my business. A few years ago I ran into Lotto Magic, could relate to lotto pools so I researched them online, called the company with my questions then emailed Whitney with more questions. I'm an independent operator for the most part but the free visitors & other goods don't hurt either.

Joined Lotto Magic because I got real tired of joining the "hyped" fast cash programs where I was told my one time investment would multiply into a lifetime of income. I made some good money but only for a short period of time. After a few months they all fizzled as sellers began trying to sell to sellers (big drag), market saturation. I did this for years and just got tired of it. I wanted to join a company that was around for a long time and would be here years from now too. I surfed into the team site, liked what I saw there, emailed  a couple questions and joined.

I'm a housewife, 2 girls and 1 boy. My husband works full time and the kids were old enough and going to school during the day so I decided it was my time to help out the family. I was a teacher before we married but I didn't want to go back to that so I tracked down a home business where I can devote as much or as little time to it as I wanted. I found the Lotto Magic Team and liked the free stuff they were doing for all the people on the team (rare these days). So what sold me was the free mini marketing site, team advertising and free traffic to my site, thanks.